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If you’re looking to further expand your knowledge and skills for visualizing data in Excel, there are many other resources available. Below are links to more step-by-step tutorials and XLSX examples, as well as other useful resources to help you uncover more insights.

(Live) Webinars: Whether you’re interested in more detailed demonstrations of Zebra BI visuals or you’re thirsty for data visualization knowledge in general, our ever-growing collection of educational webinars is the best first stop. You can join our online sessions live, watch recordings and even download the same example reports that were used in the tutorial. Stay tuned to see when we’ll host the next one!

Reporting templates: Download our most popular sample Excel reports and try them out! From the Sales Dashboard and Income Statement to Price-Volume-Mix Analysis and more. Just change the dummy data with your own and get inspired!  

Changelog: Would you like to see all details of our most recent update or an older version? We keep all updates in our changelog.

Pricing: Want to see exactly what affects the cost of Zebra BI visuals? We will help you find the best deal for your company and your end-users.

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