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Zebra BI for Power BI

I have already purchased the Power BI subscription. Do I still have to purchase Zebra BI to use the visuals?

Yes. Zebra BI’s licensing model is not tied to Microsoft’s subscription-based plans in any way whatsoever. We are a plug-in solution in the data visualization field of the Power BI tool. In order to be able to successfully use our custom visuals when creating your Power BI reports, you need to buy a Zebra BI license as well. 

As such, Zebra BI visuals aren’t covered by Power BI Premium subscription, which is a tenant-level Office 365 subscription and has no relation with the usage of Zebra BI licenses. Although Power BI Premium capacity enables the share of data with anyone without purchasing a per-user license, this is not the case with the sharing of data (reports) that are using Zebra BI custom visuals within. A Zebra BI license is also necessary when engaging (consuming) reports via the Power BI report server.

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