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Quick column calculations in Zebra BI Tables

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Zebra BI Tables for Power BI

Rather than generating additional measures manually, leverage the built-in custom calculations. These readily available custom calculations streamline the process of making Zebra BI Tables more comprehensible at first glance. This option is particularly useful for analyzing data and gaining insights into different aspects of the dataset.

How to access Quick column calculations

As mentioned above no DAX is required to reach the calculations because everything is calculated inside the visual based on the data included. Hover over the column headers and the “+” sign will appear above the category column.

Click on the “+” to access the menu that offers a list of preset calculations.

Definition of calculations

% of grand total: calculates the percentage of a specific value or subtotal in relation to the grand total
% of…: calculates the percentage of the referenced value for each row
Running total: calculates the cumulative sum of each row in a sequence
Running total %: calculates the running total in percentage for each row

Currently, the reference column is always the AC column.


The calculation columns have additional formatting options and can be equipped with charts, renamed, or repositioned. To reach those options click on the dropdown menu at the right corner of a column header.

Quick column calculations empower you to save time on creating measures, allowing you to quickly access critical insights. Now let’s leverage this “time-saver” to its fullest potential.

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